My Weekend Holiday in Sunshine Coast Australia ☀️

 I had a very busy weekend.  The weather was warm and sunny so my wife and I decided to take a trip to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.  It took two hours to drive there.  In the morning, we went for some long walks along the beaches.  😊

There were children swimming and playing in the sand, building sand castles.  Later in the National Park I was so excited because we saw lots of Australian animals, kangaroos, such as frilled-neck lizards, native hens and, best of all, a koala in a tall gum tree eating the leaves.  We wanted to take a photo but it climbed too high in the tree.  We saw some dolphins diving in the waves off the beach.  It was wonderful.  Then my wife went fishing in the river.  She caught a few small fish called bream, but they were too small to keep.  She had to throw them back.  

I sat on the rocks and read my book and watched all the different boats and canoes go by.  It was a relaxing holiday for us.  We liked staying by the river and doing activities outdoors.  Finally start work again on we arrived home on Sunday night feeling happy and rested, ready for Monday.  

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