best employment rates for migrants in Europe ⚙️


EU citizens wanting to live in another member state have the best chance of getting employed in the United Kingdom, according to data from Eurostat.

Looking at 2018 employment rate figures for 20-64 year olds, it found 86% of EU citizens living in the United Kingdom were employed, which was shortly followed in second and third places by Portugal and Sweden respectively. Greece, Latvia and Italy scored the bottom three places for employment rates for EU citizens, although Greece and Italy also took the bottom two places in Europe for employment rates of its native citizens. Sweden topped the chart for employment of its own citizens at 87%, which was followed by Germany and the Netherlands on 82%.

Some countries recorded data that was most favourable for non-EU citizens, beating those moving between member states and even that of the country's own citizens.

Such member states included Italy, Malta, Poland and Portugal.

The Czech Republic and Slovakia also had the highest employment data for non-EU citizens, but the data for native citizens came in second place, above that of people from other EU states.

Other countries, such as Ireland, Spain, Croatia, Luxembourg, Hungary and the United Kingdom recorded more favourable employment statistics for citizens of other EU member states in their countries over their native citizens, but were still more favourable than data for non-EU citizens.

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